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We designed CaraBoat to ensure it includes the best of both worlds. It’s no higher than an average off-road caravan, is streamlined and aerodynamic for easy towing, and yet handles wonderfully on the water. On top of this, the versatile layout is designed to maximize effective living space


Is it a boat? Is it a caravan? Actually, it’s CaraBoat! 

The CaraBoat’s innovative design delivers the best of both worlds, allowing you to enjoy the optimal travel experience on the road or river. 



The CaraBoat’s accessibility is one of its most popular features. For starters, it sits lower on the trailer than most boats because of the cleverly cut out wheel arches that are set into the hull. In reality, it sits at the same height as any other off-road caravan.

On top of this, all CaraBoat models boast a clever three-step access from the rear, facilitating easy entry and exit. When berthed at a jetty you can simply walk on and off via the rear deck. 

The large windows allow you to pass gear back and forwards when tied to a wharf or jetty, and, most importantly, the shallow draft lets you pull up into ankle-deep water for easy beach and shore access. 


When we were designing the CaraBoat, we had to think carefully about the things that are missing from traditional boats. One common complaint is that most large boats sit low in the water, making beach and river-bank access near impossible. 

Fortunately, the CaraBoat only draws a tiny 200mm (20cm) of water, which enables access to almost anywhere. In addition, the shallow draft makes launching and retrieving a breeze.



With 360-degree viewing through panoramic windows, the CaraBoat offers impressive ventilation and sits well ahead of traditional caravans. The large windows provide great views so you can take in the scenery while travelling, and make it easy to navigate when steering in boat mode. 

Really, there’s no comparison between the windows you see here and the poky, small ones that most RV’s have.  

Worried about the lack of privacy such big windows could cause? Don’t be! 

The large front window comes with a built-in flyscreen and blackout blind, while Roman-style blinds are available for the rest of the windows if required. 


Although CaraBoat is designed for both land and water there were no shortcuts taken in the boat handling department. The stylish foldaway helm is in the perfect position for maximum visibility, and the bow sits nice and high in the water when underway. 

Because of this, you can comfortably steam along with the front hatch open, allowing a nice breeze to flow through. 

And finally, the CaraBoat’s wide beam and unique gullwing hull shape mean that it’s stable and dry, both when moving and when at rest. 



If you thought the CaraBoat’s nautical features were impressive, wait until you see the interior. Its stylish fit-out is comparable to top-end luxury caravans, and the furnishings wouldn’t look out of place in a five-star suite. Featuring: 

  •  A versatile entertaining area comfortably seating four people. 

  • Opposing seating so you don’t feel blocked in. 

  • A folding master bed that converts to a couch for daytime use. 

  • Foldaway helm to maximise available space. 

  • A modern kitchen area with everything you could need. 

  •  Bathroom with vanity, shower and toilet. 


But that’s not all! For a full overview of what’s included with the CaraBoat, head over to the models page. 


You wouldn’t believe that so many things could fit inside the CaraBoat without making it feel cluttered, but they do. With a quality finish designed for boaties, travellers, and grey nomads alike, many issues associated with modern caravans have been addressed here. 

For example, the full-height pantry with built-in lights makes is extremely easy to find what you’re looking for, especially if you have mobility issues. Don’t ever worry about bending over to dig through small, under-bench cupboards again! 

The large bench space is designed for those who love to cook, and the oven/grill, modern cooktop, and double stainless steel sinks just add to the experience. 

And finally, you will benefit from a huge amount of storage, with overhead lockers, cupboards, drawers, and even rear-deck and bow compartments. There’s even space on the roof for kayaks & water toys!

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